Game of Thrones Beer!

It’s finally reached our area! Game of Thrones Beer! Created by Omegang Brewery located in Cooperstown N.Y. and available for sale for only a short time.

They specialize in Belgian Style Ales and often offer limited edition flavors. Currently they are serving up a Game of Thrones Limited Edition brew called Fire and Blood. I had to wait (anxiously) for it to arrive in our area to purchase some. And once I had some, I hated to open the bottles!


The Red Ale was named after the motto of House Targaryen and celebrates the rebirth of the Dragons. And my favorite character, Daenerys Targaryen.


The bottle is so cool! I love the corked top. But of course, I had to open one and sip on it while watching the show last night.


And I’m glad I did. It’s a rich red ale, with overtones of fruit and spice. Deep flavors, but not overpowering and thick. The taste is very appropriate to the land. Really a nice beer!


But I must include a warning – Don’t Drink And Knit!

This is a good strong beer with a 6.8% alcohol level. I recently signed up to do the Game of Thrones KAL because I thought it would make a nice pairing with my glove pattern Danni’s Gloves, but I decided to hold off before casting on. Don’t want to make any errors!


The nice thing is, once I finish the beer, I’ll have some fun bottles to clutter up my shelves ;-)

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