Feed Bag Tote Tutorial

I made a few more feed Bag Totes today.


If you’ve been following me, then you may have seen the bag I used following the instructions on a class I’ve taken from Craftsy. That one included a lining. You can see it here.

Today’s bags are a very basic type of tote. They are fast and easy to make. And best of all I get to use up some of those feed bags I keep accumulating out in the barn!

You can use any type of woven plastic bag for this. I just happen to have a lot of Sheep feed and now with the addition of my baby chicks, (check out the chicken coop I made for them!) I have Chick bags too.

Begin by washing the bag and allowing it to dry completely before sewing. You don’t want any feed residue in your Tote!

Trim the bottom of the bag to give it a nice even edge, free of perforations from the original seam. The use of a rotary cutter will make this job a snap.

Next trim the top in the same way.


Now you will need to cut 2 4″ strips to create the handles. Take a look at your bag to determine whether to cut these from the top or bottom. Or perhaps one strip from each end would work best. Cut these and set aside.

Turn the bag inside out and lay flat. Pay attention to the images on the bag and place them accordingly so they will appear on the front or back of the Tote. Sew a 1/2″ seam along the bottom.


This next part is a little tricky if you’ve never made a bag before. I’ll do my best to explain it clearly. Fold the bag so that the center front and back are now on the folded edges. Push the bottom seam up so that the seam aligns with the fold from the previous step.


Measure 3″ up from each point and draw a line perpendicular to the seam. Sew on this line. I like to back stitch for strength.

Turn the bag right side out and push out the corners with your finger.


The inside should look like this.


Next we make the handles. Fold the edges to the center, lengthwise. Fold in half, again lengthwise and sew close to the open edge to secure it. Sew along the other edge to give it a nice even appearance and help it to lay flat. Repeat with the other handle.

Fold the top of the bag to the inside 1 1/4″ and fold again to hem. Pin in place.

There is a manufacturers seam in the bag. Find that. The handle will be sewn to one side or the other. It would be too thick if you put the handle there. Measure from the edge and place the other side of the handle evenly. Mine was 3″ from the edge.


Create a secure handle like this. Put the end under the hem


and then fold it over so that you will sew over a double thickness of the handle. Obviously this gets repeated on the other side. Pin in place and check for the length of the handles. I sometimes leave them full length, but on this particular Tote, I cut off 9″. It’s just a matter of preference.


Sew around the top of the bag with a 1/4″ seam. Go slowly over the handles so you don’t damage your needle. Now sew along the bottom of the hem.


Your Tote Bag is now complete! Isn’t it cute? This one has full length handles that fit nicely over my shoulder..


If you would like to make a Tote like this, but don’t have access to any Feed Bags, take a look at my Etsy Shop. I typically have bags for sale for a low price listed in my shop. I almost always have Sheep and Chicken (several types). Sometimes I have other styles too.

Congratulations to Pamela R!  She is the Craftsy Class giveaway winner! Winner was drawn at random by Random.org. Thanks to all who entered!

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