Hay Day!

Today is another cold, rainy day here in South Georgia. Lucky for us, yesterday was clear, blue and warm. Lucky because yesterday was the day we needed to pick up some more hay for the barn critters. They go through 5-6 flakes a day. A bale is made up of 12-14 flakes which pull off the bale for easy handling. You can see in the photo below how the bale peeking out on top looks like it is made of segments. Each bale is tied with string to keep the sections together into what’s called a bale.


The hay grows just across the road from us. Often times the farmer just leaves our bales in the field and we go pick it up from there.

Other times, like yesterday, we need to go to his storage barn a couple miles away for a load.


The Ranger and trailer do the job perfectly.


We have a roll up door in place of a wall in the hay room which makes it easy to fill from the trailer. Each bale weighs 40-50 lbs. So yesterday I let my husband do most of the work while I took pictures.


This was a small load, so it didn’t take long. Often times we fill the room to capacity. In the heat of the summer it can be a daunting task. I help on those days by throwing the bales off the trailer into the hay room while he stacks it well over my head.


Of course all the dogs have to come help no matter how big the load is!


Michael plans to just wait it out in the feeding trough…


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