Hand Spun Wolf Down Yarn

I posted a few weeks ago about a Wild Fiber project I have planned. Here’s the post if you want to read about all the wonderful Rare Breed Sheep and Wild Animals I’ll be spinning over the next few months.


The idea sprang from some Wolf fiber I found at a vender during an event I went to in January. So I thought it apropos that I begin with it.


I absolutely LOVE how it came out. Much softer than you would imagine. The Wolf down was blended with some black Alpaca, which made it a dream to spin. The black also helped to replace the darker color lost from the outer coat hairs. You see the down is the undercoat, shed off in the spring. This down came from a Wolf Sanctuary and was collected by the caretakers. The outer guard hairs would not be nice to spin. They are coarser and much thicker, so they were not included in the roving, thereby creating the opportunity for the black Alpaca to join the party.


The color is fabulous.


From the 4 oz of fiber I have approximately 242 yards of yarn. Some of which will go into my Wild Things Shawl and some to a scarf for my husband. I haven’t settled on a pattern for either yet. But I’ll keep you posted!


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