How to Sew a Mitered Quilt Border

I finally settled on a border for my Watercolor Quilt.

I wanted to make it look like a window frame, so although the window that it depicts has a white frame, I decided to go with a wood look. The white clashed terribly. I found some material that has wood grain printed on it. The quality isn’t what I would hope for, but the design is perfect.

I’ve chosen to make a mitered corner to add to the framed appearance. There is a simple trick to making a nice corner.

Here’s how.

First sew the borders onto the quilt leaving extra hanging over the edge. Leave enough that you will be able to create the corner.


Do not sew the seam all the way to the corner. Leave 1/4″ seam allowance at the end.


Fold the quilt in half from corner to corner. Line up the edges carefully and pin in place. Line up the folded edge with the 45 degree angle mark on your cutting board. I lined mine up so well that it doesn’t show in the photo – sorry. Lay a ruler along the same angle and draw a line on the border fabric. This is the sewing line. Place a couple extra pins in it to hold it in place before moving to the sewing machine. Sew directly on the line.


Open it up to check that the corner lays nicely before trimming off the extra fabric. Trim off the seam tip too.

Now my quilt top is ready for the quilting process! I hope to start work on that tomorrow.

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