Book Review – Stitch Mountain

I received another book from Jimmy Beans Wool for review. This book is called Stitch Mountain, by Laura Zander.


It’s a collection of 30 cold weather patterns. What makes it truly unique is the way she has integrated these cozy patterns with the people who inspired them. Alongside each pattern is a photo of an accomplished, competitive Snowboarder or Skier and explanation of the connection to the article.


The images throughout the book have been beautifully photographed by Brad Swonetz on the snowy slopes of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area.

Another nice thing to note about this book is that a portion of the proceeds of sales will be donated to the US Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation to support year round training and competitions as well as educational and developmental needs.


I had a hard time choosing which pattern I wanted to try first. There were many to choose from including Hats, Mittens, Sweaters, Cowls and even a Blanket. In the end I decided to start with my feet and work my way up. So I will be knitting “Slouchy Socks” using some Hand Spun yarn from one of my my sheep.


Here’s my “yarn on the hoof”! His name is Levi.


These socks just look so comfy I could not resist the urge to knit them. I love tromping around the house in my stocking feet (having grown up in Hawaii, I still shed my shoes whenever I can!).


So I guess I better get started!

Which pattern will you choose to knit in support of our cold weather athletes?


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