Heart Quilt Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make a small quilt (even though I haven’t quite finished the Water Color Quilt – I can’t seem to find a boarder I like…) and I thought “Hey it’s almost Valentine’s Day! How about something with Hearts?”


I sketched out my design and headed for my fabric stash. Still determined not to buy more fabric unless absolutely necessary, I came up with a fun little homage to my love of Quilting. My fabric is riddled with buttons, thread and sewing notions.


I will be making 4 blocks, each with a different background color. I have 5 main color prints and I will be using an assortment of these for each block.

To begin, for each of my 4 blocks, I cut out 20 squares from my main colors, each 4″x4″. Then I cut 10 5″ blocks from the main colors for each block. That’s a total of 80 4″ squares and 40 5″ squares.

From each of my 4 background colors I cut 34 4″ squares and 10 5″ squares.

I need to make triangles from the 5″ squares. This is pretty easy really. I don’t want to cut triangles and then sew them together because the fabric will stretch on the bias and my triangles will not come out right. So instead I’m making them from my 5″ squares.


To start with I need a diagonal line drawn on each of my 5″ background squares. (If your main color is lighter, you may want to use them.) I’m just using a pencil to mark my lines.


Place one background color, right sides facing on a 5″ main color. Sew a seam 1/4″ on either side of the line. Do not sew on the line itself.


Now cut on the pencil line and open it up. Iron the seam open so it will lay flat.

DSC_0363   DSC_0365

Lay a square template ruler on the square, lining up the diagonal with the seam. Trim off the edges on one half of the square. Next line up the diagonal again, but this time pay careful attention to the size. It may help to mark the size with a small piece of paper. Cut the square to 4″.

You now have a perfect triangle in your square to work with. Do this to all of your 5″ squares.


Lay out your block, arranging the main color prints to your liking. Sew them together one row at a time, using a 1/4 inch seam. Pressing as you go. Pay careful attention to the direction you press in order to avoid bulky seams. Make 4 blocks.

I’m using a black strips to separate my blocks and form a boarder. Cut strips 3″ wide, each the length of your fabric and sew them together end to end to form one long strip. It will need to be a total of 10.5 yards long.

Sew the strip along the top of one of your bottom squares and trim off the extra. Then sew the top block to that. Do the same for the other side. Now sew the strip to the inside edge of one of the double block rectangles and trim. Attach the final side to that. Next add the outer boarders.


Quilt and bind and you have a lap sized quilt measuring 62″x62″ after washing. This was a fun photo to try to take on a breezy day!

I love how it looks a bit like stained glass.



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