Book Reveiw – Crochet Red

I recently received a copy of Crochet Red, by Laura Zander,  from Jimmy Beans Wool for review.

First, a bit about the concept behind the book. Crochet Red is a part of the Stitch Red campaign. Together with a multitude of company’s and designers, this publication’s goal is “Sticking it to Heart Disease” by raising awareness. Heart Disease is still the number one killer of women today. Stitch Red is hoping to reduce those numbers by encouraging proper diet and exercise. They are also helping to increase the knowledge of symptoms related to Heart Disease. Jimmy Beans Wool has partnered with The Heart Truth®, a program of the National Institutes of Health to bring this program to life.


Now… About the book!

A collaboration of more than 30 well known Crochet designers, all together in one beautifully printed book. With the wide variety of patterns to choose from, there is one for every age, interest and skill. Every page is filled with beautiful photos and inspirations.

I consider myself to be an above average Knitter. I am not a Crocheter. But that’s about to change! When I first saw the book I was driven to make the Heart Sachet featured on the cover.


The pattern calls for a square piece that will act as the base of the heart. My first few were pink and not very square. Although they were kind of interesting shapes! My first Heart was rather lopsided too. Bare in mind it is not the pattern at fault, it’s my skills. Thankfully there is a Help section in the back for newbies like me.


But determination won out and I now have my first half of the Sachet. It’s not perfect, but that’s OK. I’ll get better. I think I need to work on the seaming. It’s not quite the same as in knitting.

I’m afraid there  will be no stopping me now! I am in love with several patterns from the book but I think the first one I will tackle is the Eyelet-Stripe Tunic.


And then perhaps the Textured Jacket,


…or maybe the Hooded Scarf would be a better choice for me. The skill level included with each pattern proclaims it to be more suited for me anyway.

As an added bonus the book includes several Heart Healthy Recipes and Exercise Tips.

There is also an informative section to help you learn the warning signs of this sometimes silent killer.

Congratulations Laura on a beautiful and important book.

A portion of the proceeds from Crochet Red will be donated to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. What could be better than that??


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