More on Over Dyeing

Yesterday I dyed some yarn to use in the Downton Abby KAL. Or should I say – Over Dyed.

If you read yesterdays post then you know that I had found 4 skeins of Kraemer Sterling Yarn in my stash while looking for something suitable to use in the KAL. I showed you how 2 of them looked after dyeing them (the yarn I’m going to use), but failed to mention what had happened to the other 2.


They too, were Pink. It was a pretty pink, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t see me using that much on one project. But the yarn was too soft to pass up!


I decided that as long as I had my dyes out and had already made a bit of a mess, I may as well do the other 2 as well.

I didn’t want more of the same. This time I chose to make a much darker, deeper color. I used Black, Cherry Red, Crimson and Forest Green. Again I needed to take into account the effect the original color Pink would have on the colors I selected. Over Dyeing is not like dying on White or Natural fiber. The element of unknown makes it even more fun!


The Black turned deep purple. The Green became a deep Teal Blue and the Reds remained fairly true (after all, they were applied on to Pink).


The result is spectacular! I love the way the Silver thread in this yarn glistens but doesn’t overpower. And did I mention that it’s crazy soft?! I’ll have to come up with a good project for these!

So don’t ever let the color of a yarn put you off. You can always change it up!

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