Christmas with the Spinners

I should have posted this before Christmas. I just got SO busy! Anyway my Spinning Group had a Christmas get together this December.


We had lots of great food, but the main focus was on our Yarn Exchange. You see we had agreed that each of us would spin 20 yards of yarn for each member of the group (14 in all).


We would each go home with an assortment of yarn and create whatever we wanted to with it.


Some of us brought a variety of the mini skeins so we decided to draw numbers to determine the order of picking. It was fun!


There were no bad skeins anyway so really it just added to the festivities.


I think I’m going to weave a scarf with mine… Or maybe a bag…

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2 Responses to Christmas with the Spinners

  1. Dona says:


  2. Cindy says:

    Or a shawl??….