Best Gift Ever!

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. Memories carry me back to childhood dreams and surprises from Santa. The magic of waking up to mounds of gifts (or what seemed like mounds to my little eyes). It’s a feeling I try to recreate every year for my family.

But times change. Needs and wants change and as my daughter grew to a woman, the toys vanished and were replaced by Hand Lotions, Quilting supplies and Camping Gear. I’m not complaining, but I miss the chaos of toys and stuffed animals and a little girl giggling at the wonder of Santa.


This year we had a fabulous Christmas. The house was full of love and family. My daughter and her new husband (they married in March of this year) came over early to open gifts and have some of my Christmas French Toast. Then his family joined us for more gifts and food. We had his mom and Dad and his Sister and her Husband and 2 young kids.

It was great to have the house full. The kids ran around and played with the toys we gave them and we had a casual lunch of Ham Sandwiches and Potato Salad.


After a time the In-laws left and all that remained was the mess of wrapping paper on the floor, my husband and I and my daughter and her husband. That’s when she said she had one more gift for us to open – together.

A simple box.

A simple frame.

A photo.

Not a simple Photo though.


A photo of my new Grand Baby!      Due the end of June / early July!

Best Christmas Gift Ever!!! Looks like toys will be making a come back at our house!

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