Pebble Hill Plantation

With my brother still visiting, I’ve tried to find interesting things to show him in our area. I decided to take him to Pebble Hill Plantation just outside of Thomasville Georgia.This is the largest Plantation in the area that’s open to the public. He likes antiques, so it should be right up his ally.


At first I was concerned that the rain was going to ruin my plans, but as it turned out we only had a minor shower that was easily avoided while touring the main house. The guided tour takes about 45 minutes and covers the main part of the house. Our guide explained how the family came to donate the entire grounds and all of the homes contents to a historical preserve, now open to the public. Essentially, the final decision was due to the lack of an heir. But the woman of the house (this house has a history of some very strong women having ownership!) was quite generous and her final wish was for the home to be admired by all, for all time.


One of the family members invested in a small herd of Jersey cows that were among the finest bred in the country.


Is it wrong that I want this stove…?


My husband joined us on this short day trip, even though we had both seen it before. Although I had seen it on other occasions, I was still awed by the splendor.


The grounds themselves are majestic. Mature trees fill the landscape not otherwise inhabited by carriage houses, barns and other out buildings. And of course there are several gentle horses resting under the full expanse of the old Oak Trees.

I must have been fabulous to be included on the list of many guests who came to visit while the Plantation was still owned by the family. Apparently they spent no expense making their guests comfortable. I’m glad it’s now open for all to see – not just the incredibly wealthy!


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