The Loss of a Pet

I hate that we outlive so many of our furry friends. One of my “Sister Spinners” lost her French Angora Rabbit last night. Smokey, a beautiful deep gray ball of fluff. She had as much personality as she did fiber! Bit of a scoundrel really. Not one for a lot of cuddles and she guarded her territory with ferocity. And yet, she still had a sweetness to her. Always into some bit of trouble that one! She will be missed and my heart goes out to my dear friend this morning.

If you love animals as I do, then you will have witnessed the ache of loosing them when they pass. Sometimes it comes quickly and pains us with a hard and unexpected jolt. Other times we have time to adjust and prepare ourselves. They age so much more quickly that we do.  Our childhood pals have long left us and have been replaced with new puppies, kittens and even bunnies and other exotics. I’ve had a lot of pets and felt a lot of loss. But it never compares to the joy they bring in life.  It’s hard to let your mood cloud over when you’ve got a dog curled up on your lap or a cat kneading it’s paws on your chest, purring as loudly as your lawnmower. Seeing a pup chasing his tail or racing through the yard just for fun brings smiles and comfort. No matter what we are doing, pets make it better.

So morn, but don’t over morn. Don’t forget the happy times. I know I won’t. Here are a few of my lost companions…

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I miss you all.

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One Response to The Loss of a Pet

  1. lisathemom says:

    Well said! Smokey was a bit of a scoundrel for sure…but she made me smile every day.