Meet Jazelle

This is Jazelle, my Standard Poodle.


Most people think of a Poodle as a silly, vain animal. That isn’t really the case at all. Originally bred for hunting, they possess a strong athletic frame. When this is combined with their amazingly agile ability to leap and run, they become a perfect bird dog. The traditional grooming pattern may look a bit frilly, but it too has a purpose. The poofs of fur around the ankles and hips are designed to keep the joints warm. Any unnecessary hair is clipped off to facilitate drying after a days work at retrieving ducks out of a pond.

They have, in truth, lost popularity in the sport, undoubtedly due to the excessive grooming requirements. They have, however gained in popularity as household pets. Unlike other dogs, the Poodle is hypoallergenic. In other words, if you are allergic to dogs, you will not be affected by the Poodle. This opens up the door to many families that would otherwise be unable to have a pet.

They can even be trained as Guide Dogs for the Blind. In fact I bred Jazelle several years ago and 4 of her puppies went to a Guide Dog school. Two of them grew to be service dogs and the other 2 became breeders for the program. I’m proud of that. It says volumes for her health and temperament.

I’m not allergic, and I don’t hunt. I just love the breed. And I really love Jazelle.


She may look like a lady, but really she’s just a “Tom Boy in a dress” so to speak. I’m not saying that she’s a bad dog. Quite the contrary. She is very polite. So polite in fact that sometimes when she takes a cookie from our hands she is so gentle that she will actually drop it rather that take it too roughly.

I sometimes refer to her as my “Puddle”. She loves the rain and is not afraid to play in the mud. She can be completely oblivious to a torrential downpour, but then once she comes in the house (after a good shake and a quick toweling from me), she will lay down and lick herself like a cat beginning with the paws and working herself up to the belly and back until I can’t stand it any more and tell her to quit.


If I kept up better with her grooming it would help. I clip her myself and I admit that sometimes she looks more like one of my sheep than like a dog.

Tallulah Falls 4635

Sometimes I like to have a bit of fun and dye her. Sometimes Pink…


Sometimes Orange…


Either way she has fun! I only use products that I know will be safe for her. She loves to be colored – it means more attention from people!

She is a very fun loving, easy to love pet – even though her other nick name is my “Foodle” (because she can act the fool ). She loves to play with the ball as you can see.


I even made a Stuffed version of her with some yarn I spun from her hair! It’s a Poodle made out of a Poodle! I won 3rd Place when I entered it in the Fair.

If you are considering a Standard Poodle as an addition to your family, keep in mind not only the normal commitments to owning a pet, but also the need for continual grooming. I suggest you do a bit of research. Maybe even contact a local Groomer and inquire about costs. Ask for references. Stop in several times and look around. If you have any doubts, find another Groomer. I’d be more concerned about the cleanliness and the quality of care than the actual cut. The hair will grow back and the style can be adjusted on subsequent visits.  You may even want to look into what all is involved in doing it yourself.


In the end I hope you decide to get one. They are such a highly intelligent breed, capable of many tasks, I know you will be happy. Looks like she’s so happy her feet don’t even touch the ground!


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