I Was Hoping for a 2…




Woke up to yet another grey day. Looks like it’s going to be a 3. I was hoping for a 2. You see a 2 would mean a nice bright blue summer sky with white puffy clouds. In other words, dark blue and white. What we have today is gray on gray. That goes for the sky and the yarn.

Here, let me explain.

I’d like to share with you an ongoing project that in the end will represent a full year of weather patterns. Although I’d like to take credit for the concept, I can’t. I found it one day while perusing Ravelry.com. BTW if you like to knit or crochet, and you haven’t checked out Ravelry yet, you need to! Grab some snacks and something to drink and lock yourself away with your computer for a few days and take a look. Anyway I spotted this idea sometime around last November and I knew right away that I had to make one. It’s called the “Sky Scarf”, by Lea Redmond. The concept is simple. Look at the sky every day and knit a corresponding row of color, using 2 strands held together for maximum color combinations. She includes a free pattern for her scarf, but I wanted to make a simple triangular shawl instead. As usual, I had to add my own touch.

Here is my pattern: You will need to adjust the days of the week depending on your start day.

Fingering weight yarn: 2 skeins each light blue, dark blue, light grey, dark grey and 1 skein white (I don’t live where it snows so I did not need 2 whites).

Size US #8 needle

Inc = right side – knit until 1 st remains, yarn over, knit 1

           wrong side – knit 1, knit through the back loop, knit to the end

Dec = right side – knit till 3 stiches remain, knit 2 together, knit 1

            wrong side – knit

Lace = right side – knit 2, *yarn over, knit 2 together* repeat until 1 stitch remains, knit 1

             wrong side – knit

Using 2 strands held together representing the sky each day beginning January 1st:

CO 4 sts leaving aprox 6″ from each yarn for the tassels. Next row – inc. Knit 2 rows and continue as follows:

Sunday – Lace, knit back

Monday – Inc, knit back through the back loop

Tuesday – knit, knit back

Wednesday – Inc,  knit back through the back loop

Thursday – lace, knit back

Friday – Inc, knit back through the back loop

Saturday – knit, knit back

Continue with pattern as written while carrying all the yarns up the side until completing the final increase on June 28th.

July 1st continue as above except you will now replace all the Inc rows with a Dec row. If I have done my math right, the final decrease on December 31st will leave 4 sts. BO. Make tassels on the ends with the carried yarns. Block and enjoy!

I’m using yarn that I dyed myself. I have an Etsy shop and sell Hand Dyed yarns on it (insert shameless plug for my shop here) so I have an ample supply of undyed yarns to work with. I really wasn’t sure how many yards of each color I would need so I just dyed a full skein of each. I can always find a use for the left overs.


I needed to keep all my colors strait, so I wound a sample of my combinations on some embroidery cards and labeled them with the type of sky they represented and with a corresponding number. I keep this clipped to my calender. Everyday I write down the number, (like a 3 for today). Then I like to sit down and knit several rows at one time, usually every 2 weeks or so.

Now keep in mind that you will have 9 or 10 balls of yarn connected to this thing. It’s not a very portable project! I keep mine in a rubber tote, away from dust and puppy noses. It’s not easy waiting a year to finish a project, but in the end I think it will be really cool!


I really like it so far. I’ll post the finished project in January!

And maybe tomorrow will be a 2!

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