DIY Stamped Cards!

Yesterday I drove down to Tallahassee to join a couple of friends for the day. We thought it would be fun to get together and make some cards using our hostess’s  multitudes of stamps, die cut plates and scrap booking paper. I had offered to bring some of my paper and the stamps I have tucked away in a drawer in the guest room. She insisted that it wasn’t necessary, that she had plenty of stamps to choose from. I’ve never known her to lie to me before and she sure didn’t lie when she said she had a lot of paper crafting stuff! Holy cow! She might need some type if intervention…. Just kidding, but she does have a LOT of stuff.


We had a blast. I’ve done a bit of card making in the past (a very long time ago). It was really fun to try my hand at it again. We decided to concentrate on the Christmas theme so she wouldn’t have to pull out everything.


After perusing the options, I settled down to make a card that I could use in conjunction with a Poinsettia Pin I made on my Embroidery Machine. I came up with the idea to create a combination pin display card and regular Christmas card. I absolutely love how it came out.


The pin is attached to an insert that once removed reveals the actual card.


It was astounding how quickly time went by. Before we knew it, it was time for a quick lunch. I managed to clear off a little area for my plate… We replenished ourselves on croissant sandwiches, chips and a chocolate haystack cookie for desert. Then it was back to play time!


I made one other card using this wonderful Santa stamp.


This was too nice of a stamp to pass up. I love the somewhat vintage look of him. I still want to add a tiny ribbon  just under the house, on the raised oval on the front.


His house is featured on the inside too.


She had so many more I wanted to play with. Birds in pine trees, snowmen, Penguins, more Santas. There simply wasn’t enough time in the day to do it all. So we agreed to meet up again after the Holidays and make some more original cards!

DSC_0006 DSC_0007

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2 Responses to DIY Stamped Cards!

  1. Loretta Veenstra says:

    I had a great time! As with everything you make, your cards turned out beautiful!!
    Hopefully when we get together to play again Lisa and maybe her girls can come join us. We may be a little crowded but we’ll have a blast.

  2. Dara says:

    Love these!!!!!