Life with Pecan Trees

Living in a old Pecan Orchard is great. We ALWAYS have pecans! If you’ve never been in the shade of this great southern beauty, then you have truly missed out. It’s hard to imagine our pastures without the cooling cover of the giant trees overseeing the animals on a hot summer day. The ample branches house multitudes of birds and squirrels, giving life to every corner of our property.

As much as I love them, there are definite drawbacks to having so many. You see, Pecan trees are “self pruning”. Meaning they drop limbs and branches everywhere. Particularly when the boughs are wet and heavy. Like now. We have had so much rain lately I am truly surprised that we haven’t lost an entire tree or two. They have shallow roots as well, so water soaked earth and a good wind can take down these old guys quite easily.

We did loose a fairly large limb yesterday during the afternoon downpour.


The dogs were all inside taking shelter from the rain. The steady deluge pounding on the rooftop had lulled them all to slumber.

I felt the earth shake all the way in the house when it hit the ground. So did the dogs! Jack, our Jack Russel Terrier ( I know – how original ) thought we were being invaded. He leapt up from his nap barking hysterically before his feet hit the floor. He ran around the house yelling at the top of his lungs until he had all the dogs excitedly looking for something. They of course had no idea what they were looking for, but if Jack (and now my daughters Chihuahua too) were gonna bark, then there must be something.

It was decided that Odin ( my husbands’ Australian Cattle Dog ) and Jack needed to brave the mini monsoon to see what type of Alien had landed in the back yard. They both ran around like idiots for a minute before realizing that they really didn’t care who or what was out there. They were soaked and now wanted to come back in and shower my living room with dog scented droplets. Whatever. They were embarrassed so I chose not to reprimand them. I could see from the house that no damage had been done so I let it be. As long as no fences were down and no one was hurt – it could wait.

I knew the goats and sheep would be happy to see all those yummy leaves now laying at their feet. Today arrived clear and bright. And I was right. What was previously well out of reach was now like a food truck parked in the enclosure. It will take them about a week to eat off enough leaves to make the trunk accessible to the chainsaw and tractor. So for now there is nothing to be done except enjoy our uncharacteristically sunny day.

Can you spot the sheep among the leaves??


Look closer… There are actually 3 of them under there!


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