Poke Berry Pumpkin Dyed Hat

I finished another version of my Running in Circles Hat. I used some hand spun yarn that I dyed in a Pumpkin using Poke Berries. You can read about it here.



I love the way the variegation in the yarn plays out.


The pattern didn’t open up as much as the pattern example, but that’s because I used a heavier yarn. But it still has great texture, so I don’t mind.


Now if it would just get cold enough to wear it!

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5 Responses to Poke Berry Pumpkin Dyed Hat

  1. Lisathemom says:

    I think it’s cold enough to wear it now. .. ;-)

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  3. Dona says:

    Hi Marie,
    If you click on the link in the 1st line of the post “Running in Circles Hat” it will take you to it. I have that one as well as a couple others under the listing “What are you looking for” to the right of the post too. They are in the “Free Patterns” category. I’m glad you like it!

  4. marie says:

    Can you post the pattern, it’s adorable

  5. Cindy says: