Knitters Have Balls!

Knitters have Balls! (of yarn that is).

Many people think of Knitters as a group of old ladies sitting in a circle cackling to each other while the needles click and clack in their laps. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I may have a bit of age on me, but I’m not old by any means. I, along with my fellow knitting friends love a good adventure. You may have read that we were going to SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in North Carolina) last weekend.


This trip definitely qualifies as an adventure. The journey began in Crawfordville Florida. That’s were our 1st member lives. She packed her bags and drove about an hour north to Tallahassee where she met up with member number 2. They transferred her clothes and knitting bags into the truck that was to take us along the long highway north (we’ve named it Buffy). From there the 2 of them drove for an hour and a half to my house. I had just gotten off work and it was now 8:30 pm. We loaded up my belongings, I kissed my husband good by and we were off to our next stop in Tifton GA. So far, so good. Everything was on schedule. Our spirits were high and when we arrived in Tifton the little Pop-Up Camper lovingly referred to as Orville was waiting for us in the driveway.

All we had to do was hitch up to the truck and we’d be off. It’s now 10pm. This is were it started… The lights on the camper would not come on. Thankfully Lisa’s husband is quite handy and willing to help, but even after an hour we were no further ahead. Another half hour of work in the now cold night air, and we had brake lights, turn signals and hazard lights. But no running lights at all.

Most women might have decided to stay the night in Tifton and plan for an early start in the morning. Not us! Nothing was going to get in our way. There was a hotel awaiting us 3 hours up the road. We were exited and wanted to leave. So, you may ask, what did we do? Did we snivel? No, we faced it head on without fear. Like I said – Knitters Have Balls! So….

…We left at midnight and drove the 3 hours up the freeway to the hotel with the flashers on. We figured we were highly visible with the hazards on, so why not? Crazy as it sounds, we were right. We made it safe and sound.

After a brief 3 hour nap in the hotel, we headed out first thing in the morning, coffee in hand. The next leg of the journey was 3 1/2 hours long and we wanted to arrive in Ashville, NC in time to visit the Farmers Market and the town of Ashville itself before SAFF began the following day.

It looked like we would make it too. The exit was just up ahead. We could see it. We could have walked to it. Suddenly “BAM”! There went the tire on the trailer. Our expert driver pulled safely to the side of the road were we discovered it wasn’t just a flat. It was blown!


Our plan was to change it ourselves. No problem. I’ve done it before. Only thing was, this was a new truck and we couldn’t figure out how to remove the jack from the back of the seat! The owner even called the dealer and they didn’t know! Being a woman of resource, I googled it. Thankfully someone else had the same problem and put it online for others to find.

OK that was done, we jacked up the little trailer and got out the lug wrench and began to remove the bolts. NOT! They were rusted on! Looked like we were helpless after all. In the end we had to call for someone to fix it and within moments were ready to take off on our adventure once again. Or so we thought…


The spare was flat, well flat-ish anyway. We hobbled to the closest gas station (repair man following just in case) and filled it with enough air to get us to the tire dealer. You know, the one that doesn’t carry trailer tires… Well he was nice enough to locate a tire for us and once again we headed down the road on our less that perfect spare to another tire store.

For safety sake we bought a new set of tires for the camper, thanked the man and took off on our last leg of the trip. And guess what – We made it!


By now there was no going to the Farmers Market. After setting up the camper and running out to the store for a few groceries it was 6pm. Time to relax and enjoy ourselves. It had grown quite chilly and so we plugged in the heater and settled in for a nice dinner of Rotisserie Chicken, Cheddar Cheese and French Bread. Perfect.

Except we still felt cold. A quick check to the heater plug revealed that it was very hot. Very hot. We unplugged it immediately and discovered that the plug and outlet were in fact burned and ready to set fire to our weekend. Thank goodness there was an emergency heater stashed away with the pots and pans. It was little, but it would have to do.

We were not going to let the days events dampen our spirits. We were situated in a perfect spot between the main building and the Alpaca Barn. It was ideal. We laughed about the days excursion and marveled at all the things that could have gone so much worse. Had we not got the brake lights and turn signals going, we could not have taken the camper. Had the tire blown at night, or the trailer gone out of control, we could have been killed. Had we stayed in Tifton for the night instead of braving the lights, we would have arrived very late and most likely set up the camper and gone strait to bed – and burned up.


So far it was a full trip! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about SAFF and all the treasures we found.

Just remember if you ever think of knitting and picture shut ins and old ladies, remember us and how we persevered and refused to let anything stop us from our destination.

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3 Responses to Knitters Have Balls!

  1. Dona says:

    Actually, we really look at it like lucky trip. It all could have gone so terribly wrong. Instead, we supported each other laughed our way through the whole day! It was Heavenly!

  2. Judi says:

    what an adventure! I know SAFF is terrific for pleasure and fun! and ya’ll know how to have both! hoping the return journey was a piece of cake! you gals really deserve a hugh slice!

  3. Michèle says:

    Oh my! Glad you gals had fun but it does sound like the trip from hell!