Time for Another Trip!

As you may have read, I just got back from a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Now I’m packing my bags again and as soon as I get out of work tonight (hopefully by 8:30 pm) I’ll be headed up to North Carolina with a bunch of the girls.


We are on our way to SAFF! SAFF stands for Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. I’m really excited. I have not been able to join them for the past 2 years. It’s not that I need to buy anything, It’s just really fun!

There is so much yarn and fiber that it’s hard not to go into sensory overload.


The event takes place in Fletcher N.C. at the WNC Agricultural Center and lasts for 3 days. This year it falls on Oct 25-27. Admission is only 3$ per person, but bring your wallet because there are too many venders to count! They fill the floor of the center as well as the upper levels. And if that weren’t enough, there is also a barn full of even more venders.


There are live fiber animals to view and even purchase if you are so inclined. There have been some Angora Rabbits traveling back with us in the past. But if your like me and already have too many animals, you can just buy their fiber.


It’s also a great place to pick up a supply of dye materials and equipment. If you don’t have a spinning wheel or a drum carder, you can find that too. Knitting needles and other tools are plentiful as well.

So no matter what you need (or just want!), if it’s fiber related, from roving to yarn to patterns and everything in between, you’ll find it at SAFF. I for one can’t wait!!


These pictures are from a few years ago… But I’m sure it will be just as wonderful this year!

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  2. Cindy says:

    I can’t wait for you all to get up here!!