What is Craftsy?

When I tell someone I’ve just signed up for another class on Craftsy, I have a lot of people ask me “What is Craftsy?”.

To put it simply, Craftsy is an amazing learning tool for many aspects of creativity. With multiple classes on Knitting, Sewing and Quilting, Cooking and Cake Decorating, Paper Crafts and many more, there is always a new class that I want to take.

They even have a ton of FREE classes!

All of the classes, whether free or sold at a minimal cost come with fabulous material that can be printed and kept at your side while you follow along to learn a new technique. The instructors are clear, pleasant and informative. I always learn something new.

And the best part is, your class never expires! You get to watch it again and again. And sometimes when you are learning something new, it takes a few repetitions. You can watch the technique, pause the video, do the technique, and the restart the video to learn the next step. Then print the whole thing out and take it with you.

I also love the variety of interests available. I just did a post on a Feed Bag Tote that I made following a Free Class. I’m planning to make Pizza one day soon using the lesson on Perfect Pizza At Home (also a Free one).


Craftsy even has an online store where you can get AMAZING deals.  I bought the yarn I used on my Reversible Cabled Scarf from their site for 60% off!


And I also bought the yarn for my Whimsy Cowl for 75% off! Crazy huh! Click the link for my FREE Pattern on this one.


They have Quilting Fabric too!


If you’d like to see for yourself what they have to offer, just click on the link on the side of the page and get ready to have some fun!

Shop this weekend and avoid the insanity of Black Friday at the Mall !

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One Response to What is Craftsy?

  1. Andrea says:

    I’m a huge fan of Craftsy and I’m always encouraging people to check it out when they tell me they wish they could knit!