Fun at the the Faire

We had a fantastic time at the Texas Renaissance Festival this past weekend! The weather was perfect. Our friends were with us and the laughter was flowing!


I loved wandering from shop to shop, examining the wares of all the various craftsmen. The vivid colors of the clothing shops and the tinkle of the wind chimes intermix with the aroma of Bangers and Mash, hot Cinnamon Buns and Turkey Legs.

IMG_0828   IMG_0840

In the background the call of “Huzzah for the Tipper” and “Make way for the Horses” bring the village to life.


If you are hungry you can choose from a vast assortment of dishes. They offer items from many continents including German, Irish, Italian and more. The food is not your average fair food either. No, it’s down right delicious. Freshly made and full of flavor. It’s hard to decide what to get.


You can try your hand at Axe Throwing or Archery too. Or if you prefer, have your Fortune Told or take a ride in a Carriage pulled by horses (or people!).

IMG_0868   IMG_0836

Shop for clothing, soaps, trinkets, rugs, even furniture. You will find hundreds of things to tempt your wallet. I came home with a new Ceramic Plate and some Iron Cutlery for my kitchen. I also picked up a very unique Lock in the shape of a Fish. It holds a hidden spot for the key and even then you may not get it open if you don’t know the secret.

IMG_0852 IMG_0842

My husband found a new Mug adorned with Wolves and our friends went home with some Wind Chimes and Hair Accessories.


And we all went home dreaming of Fairies!


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One Response to Fun at the the Faire

  1. Judi says:

    Where in Texas is this Renaissance Fair held each year?
    Looks real interesting!