Renaissance Faire Costumes

Every year, in fact several times a year, my husband and I go to a Renaissance Faire. We’ve been going for years. It’s fun to look at all the hand crafted items, toss back a couple of pints, and live for a moment in a time not forgotten.

We both arrive clad in full costumes. I, of course, being a woman, have several to choose from, based on my mood and the weather.


This is my most ornate dress.  I used a Simplicity Pattern and sewed it myself. I thought the boning would be difficult, but it really wasn’t bad. I don’t wear it too often, mainly because it’s just not all that comfortable. I’m really not that grand at all, but with my hair drawn up in a bun, I can definitely pull off the look.


When I’m feeling more adventurous, I don my Ranger Costume. I made this one as well. I designed it too. The material is imitation leather and the bodice is boned through the hip, making it much more comfortable than the formal gown which tends to dig in to my hips.

The skirt, if you can call it that is made up of 4 individual panels as would be the case for one who rode horses through the wilderness. I also carry a bow and a quiver of arrows. To finish off the outfit I wear my Mountain Horse Boots and Elven ears with my long hair loose and wild. This is my favorite costume.


My 3rd outfit is a loose comfy cotton gauze double skirt, blouse and bodice. This is my Hobbit dress. I even show off my Hobbit ears! This is a more casual costume, so I normally choose it on the second day of a weekend trip when I feel like relaxing more.

Now you may be wondering why I’m bringing this up. I’m excited to say we are heading to Texas tonight to go to the Faire with 4 good friends. We will be there for several days of fun from centuries past. I know it will be a blast! I’ll be sure to show you some pictures when I get back!

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  1. Gayle says:

    I love you guys!!! This is too fabulous! Great blog, Dona!!!!!!