The Cotton is Nearly Ready

The growing season is nearing a close for the cotton crops. Already many of the fields have been picked clean.


One of the last steps prior to harvest is an aerial spay. This spray helps the plant shed it’s foliage thereby making the mechanical gathering easier.


Generally when I hear the airplanes outside, flying so low they sound like they will land on my rooftop, I try to stay indoors. I know that some of the spray is bound to drift and I don’t want to breath it in.


But it is exciting to watch them as they zoom overhead.


The planes dive down until they are able to glide just above the plants before releasing the chemical.


Looks like this field has a late bloomer!


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2 Responses to The Cotton is Nearly Ready

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  2. Judi says:

    Hello Dona –
    Good pictures of the cotton and the spraying! Brings back lots of memories!