Bath Day!

As the weather starts to change I begin to realize that it’s time to give our Miniature Horses one final bath before it grows too cold. They have already begun preparing for the coming months with long thick coats, despite the fact that we have fairly mild winters here.


It’s not that they are particularly dirty, I just like to wash any residual fly spray and sweat off of them after the long hot summer.

That’s Katie. Her mane and tail grow like weeds. I literally cut her tail about 4 inches every few months otherwise she steps on it. She got the first bath.


Turns out everybody wants to get in on the act. Even the cat had to come hang out with us!


Cali and Dakota can’t wait for their turn. I don’t know where Roo was at this point. I guess he was more interested in grazing. He got a bath too after I finished up with these guys.


Looks like Cali changed her mind about bath day once she found out it meant she had to get wet!


After a bath it’s always fun to run around on the lawn…


and have a good roll.


And of course we have to break into the dog kennels and steal some of their food! I couldn’t tell you why – but horses love dog food. How weird is that?


There may be a chance for one more bath day before it gets too cold, but if not, at least I know they are starting out the season nice and clean.


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  1. Judi says:

    Hello Dona –
    Happy to meet some of your animals!