Meet KC


KC has been with us for quite some time. When she was 3 months old we adopted her from the Kern County Animal Shelter ( hence the name KC ). The victim of a careless unplanned breeding, she and her 3 siblings and her Father we locked up and offered to anyone who could see it in their heart to take them. The Father and all 3 of the other pups were jet black. I’m assuming that KC resembled the Mother – and who knows were she ended up. I hope the others found homes. The alternative is not pleasant. I’m a huge advocator of spay/neutering of all pets. I’m not saying there should be no breeding. I’m just not in favor of back yard dogs having unwanted puppies. As grateful as I am to have KC in my life, people need to realize that the “Dog Pound” is not a solution to their irresponsibility. Spaying and neutering is a kind and permanent solution.

But this post is about KC, not my political views, so I’ll leave that alone for now.

From the day we took her home, I knew we had found a true companion. She’s a good dog, certainly not prone to trouble. We guess at Boarder Collie and Sheltie as a base of her mix. In her prime she was quite active, not hyper, just quick to play. Obedient, faithful and fun. The perfect combination.

She does, however, have a slight obsession with¬† laser pointers. Flash a light across the room and she’s gone – down the hall, over the couch, under the table, up a wall – with no hint of restraint. One way or another she’s gonna get that thing. Such determination is unparalleled.

Up until a few years ago I worked at a large dog training facility. I often times took KC to work with me and she hung out in the office by my desk, good as gold.

One day a co-worker thought it would be a good idea to have some fun with her. He pulled out his laser pointer and ran the light under the desk across the room. Teased her a bit and then cut it off. That poor dog looked for hours and then finally laid down beside the desk and waited for it to return. She got some weird looks for that. The resident for that desk was out for the day, but still it seemed odd to see my dog at her desk. When 5 pm rolled around I called her to me and off we went down the hall towards the exit, with KC looking over her shoulder all the while.

The following day as we arrived at the kennel, she began to whine – not a common behavior for her. I opened the door to go in and she was off like a shot. She passed 2 people in the hall and darted through the office door before I even made it into the building. Then we hear “What the…!?” I laughed. “Guess Colleen is back in the office!” Sure enough there was Colleen with her chair pushed all the way back, astounded by the crazed dog searching and digging at the floor under her desk. After I explained the ridiculous behavior, she proceeded to make matters worse. She opened a drawer and squealed, ” There it is KC! Get it!” and closed the drawer. Oh well , that did it. My poor stupid dog spent the next 3 weeks looking for that thing.

The whole facility was in on it. Everyone who came through the office encouraged her with, “Get it!” Where’d it go?” and “Hurry KC hurry!”. She was a mess. As the joke faded, I and several colleagues tried to convince her that it was under my desk. No way. She knew better and would not be swayed. I told her it was gone. No way. It was in a drawer. She knew it.

Finally, I pleaded with Bob, the original prankster, to put an end to it. He pulled out his laser pointer and brought the light out from under the desk into the center of the room. She pounced on it and it “died” under her fierce weight. At least that is how she looked at it. Satisfied at last, she quietly returned to her usual repose under my desk and slept the rest of the day away.

And that was that.

Now she has lost the sight completely in one of her eyes.¬† The other has started to dim as well. She moves a bit slower and sleeps a bit deeper. But in her dreams, I’m sure she is hunting wild laser pointer lights somewhere in the wilderness. Or maybe just under a desk in an office somewhere…


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