Fun at the Fair

In my last post I promised you some Pumpkin Muffins. They are coming I promise. However, I had a last minute change of plans, so I had to put them on hold for a day. Instead I headed up to the Georgia National Fair with 2 of my girlfriends.


Every year some of us enter the Spinning and Weaving Competition. It’s a good way to promote the craft and it’s fun to see the other things that neighboring spinners have exhibited. Each day a couple of people come and spin so that other people can see how it’s done. They also have a fair amount of information on natural dyeing on hand for people to look at and learn about.

The three of us were anxious to see how our group had done this year. We wanted to see ribbons! There is something very Homeland America about winning a ribbon at the Fair. There is a simple sense of pride knowing that your work is appreciated by others.

We were not disappointed! Every one of us won something this year. I did better than I had anticipated with 3 1st Place, 3 2nd Place, a 3rd and an Honorable Mention!


One of the Blue Ribbons sits proudly by a pair of Fingerless Mitts. The first Entrelac pattern I’ve ever tried. The Yarn is a blend of Merino and Bamboo, spun up to a DK weight. I love the color!


Another of the 1st’s is hanging with a Self Striping Scarf. I wove this using 100% Mohair from my Angora Goat Michael. I dyed it with yellow and blue allowing the 2 colors to blend into green between. I didn’t want a variegated look so I lined up the warp so that the stripes were consistent from top to bottom (going from yellow to blue). This creates a subtle change in color from end to end.


I also received a First for my “Elf Cowl”  – a pattern I found on Ravelry.  I made this just before the Fair entries were due and barely had a chance to admire it before sending it off. I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of use out of this one. The yarn was spun from hand carded Alpaca, Merino and Bamboo and is ooh so soft. It will be just perfect as an accent under a tailored shirt.


My “Running in Circles Hat” won a Second Place ribbon, as did my “Fuzzy Lamb” another pattern I found on Ravelry. The lamb is made from the same yarn as the Elf Cowl and his scarf is a bit of leftover yarn from another project.

The “Winterfell Cowl” from an earlier post won a 3rd Place.

The hat I call my Sherbert Hat (pictured with the scarf) got an Honorable Mention.


The other ribbon were for skeins of yarn. It’s always fun trying to find your own in this glass case!


But the biggest winner of the day was the daughter of one of the women with me yesterday. She made this exquisite shawl from 100% hand spun yarn. It took her over a year, but I’d say it was worth it – wouldn’t you?


Aside from seeing all our winnings, we had a great day. We took our time and looked at all the Jellies and Quilts too. There are some talented people in our State.


We even ate a Funnel Cake! I mean really we were at the Fair!

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One Response to Fun at the Fair

  1. Andrea says:

    DONA! Congrats on all the blue ribbons, and the other ones too! You sent some absolutely fabulous items up there- my husband and I were blown away by the woven scarf.

    That shawl is breathtaking, too. She did an amazing job!